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Manning Metal Buildings

Thinking about owning your own Metal Building?

What do you really know about Metal Buildings? Well, they are certainly becoming a lot more popular and we are helping customer throughout the Midwest as the demand for Metal Buildings and Barndominiums increases. In our industry, you get what you pay for, and cheaper is rarely better. With Manning, you get the most for your money and our Class A General Contractor will be on site for the build. There’s a reason for that: Quality. We want your building to be one WE are proud to show off and YOU can pass it down to future generations.

Regardless of the materials, a building is only as good as the people who construct it. At Manning, we make sure your build and install meet and exceed your expectations. 

Barndominium Metal Building

What are my next steps?

1) Reach Out

Very simple! Just get in touch and let us know the address of the property. We will get you setup in our system and schedule an appointment. Meet us at the Manning Metal Building office and we will design your dream metal building. We might need to schedule a site visit too.

2) Consultation

This is where we break down the detail of “what you want!” This is not our building and we will make sure we build something that meets all of your current needs…and can adapt to your future needs! We will pick your brain during the design process and make sure we have accounted for any future variables. 

3) Let’s Build It!

Once the design has been finalized, our Construction Team will take your project through permitting and make sure we have approval to build before any orders are placed. At that time, we will grade the land, pour the concrete, and build your dream! You get to sit back and post on INSTAGRAM!

Let's get started on your Metal Building!

We will keep this simple. Let's get your basic details and we will be in touch soon to design your new Metal Building.