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Maintenance Program

Proactive Measures to Ensure A Long-Lasting Roof

Worried about storm damage or suprise roof leaks? Joining our Maintenance Program allows you to take a proactive approach to ensure your roof stays in top shape. Join our program today and secure your roof's future today.
Roof Maintenance

Secure Your Roof With Our Maintenance Program

Rain hammering on your roof at 2 am. A dark stain begins spreading across the ceiling. The sinking feeling that your weekend is about to be consumed with frantic calls to roofers and the looming dread of a hefty repair bill. Unexpected roof damage is a nightmare most homeowners face at some point. But, there's a way to ditch the stress and uncertainty. Our Maintenance Plan empowers you to stay ahead.

Proactive Roof Care

We don’t just fix problems; we prevent them. Our Maintenance Plan transforms us from bystanders to proactive partners for your roof. Through regular inspections, we identify minor issues before they snowball into major headaches. You’ll receive detailed reports outlining the condition of your roof and any recommended repairs. Empowering you to make informed decisions. In the unfortunate event of wind or hail damage, we’ll be by your side. As a licensed General Contractor, we specialize in identifying storm damage to roofing systems and your property’s exterior.

Damage Documentation

Picture this: you discover a leak, file an insurance claim, only to be hit with a gut-wrenching insurance claim denial because of undocumented pre-existing damage. This scenario is all too common for homeowners who fail to maintain their roof. That”s all of us!

Our Maintenance Plan protects you from this scenario. With regular inspections and detailed reports, you’ll have a clear history of your roof’s condition along with photographed documentation. In the event of a claim, this documentation allows for a smoother and less stressful claims process.

Our Commitment to Your Roof's Protection


Lifespan Assessment

We assess your roof’s health and help you plan for the future.


Leak detection

We pinpoint existing and potential leaks before they become major problems.


Expert Repair Recommendations

We recommend repairs that meet industry standards and building codes.


Clear Scopes and Estimates

We will provide you with an estimate for the repairs required at your property and have the work scheduled at your convenience.

Our Maintenance Plan offers peace of mind by providing expert roof inspections, proactive leak detection, and a plan to maximize its lifespan.
Roof repair being done as a part of the Maintenance Program

Your Role in the Maintenance Program

Hire Us For Repairs

When storm damages strikes, you'll have the peace of mind knowing we're here to help. We'll handle repairs covered by your insurance.

Prompt Repairs

To minimize further damage and ensure a swift resolution, we kindly ask that you schedule repairs soon after receiving your insurance payout.

General Contractor Role

For a streamlined experience, you acknowledge us as your general contractor for the project. this allows us to manage repairs on your behalf.

Transparent Communication

We encourage open communication throughout the claims provess. Please forward all relevant claim info from your insurance company to us.


What Clients Are Saying…

Marie M.


The owner and his crew are fantastic. The owner worked with our insurance company to get the best coverage for us. We had our roof replaced due to storm damages. Response times were quick. They communicated clearly and precisely. They were on time and did excellent work. The crew even left our front and back yards cleaner than before they came. We will and do recommend them to all our friends and neighbors.

Joyce Trease


From the roof evaluation, through the claims process and completion of the roof replacement, Jimmy and Brian of Manning Construction, were efficient, knowledgeable, and professional. The roofing crew has been with them for five years and was respectful of our neighbors and did a great job and cleanup. Great experience!

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