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Clay Tile and Tile Roof Repair

Why Choose Us?

We are Factory Installation Trained installers of Historic Clay Tile

We also handle Appraisals of Ludowici Clay Tile. Our Team has installed Ludowici Spanish (S Tile), the historic French T1, Shingles, Old English, and the LudoSlate products.

Our goal is to make sure your property retains its historic look and you gain equity in your home with your new Clay Tile Roof.

LudoShake Tile Roof

Embrace the beauty and natural variation of LudoShake roof tiles! These lightweight terra cotta tiles mimic the texture and dimension of hand-split wood, offering a classic shake aesthetic. Available in a range of stunning colors, LudoShake lets you customize your roof's look, whether you prefer a bold statement or a timeless elegance. Installed in straight rows or staggered patterns, LudoShake creates a roof that's both beautiful and built to last.

LudoShake Color Options

Ebony Mist Color

Ebony Mist

Earth Gray Ludoshake Tile

Earth Gray

Aged Cedar Ludoshake Tile

Apple Cedar

White Cedar Ludoshake Tile

White Cedar

Western Cedar Tile Color

Western Cedar

Sienna Ludshake Tile Color


Golden Red Cedar

LudoSlate Tile Roof

Crafted for timeless beauty and lasting performance, LudoShake roof tiles capture the essence of a natural wood shake roof. These lightweight terra cotta tiles boast a textured surface that mimics the rich variations of hand-split wood, adding a touch of rustic charm to your home. Offered in a wide range of colors (see below), LudoShake allows you to personalize your roof's appearance, from a bold and distinctive look to a classically elegant aesthetic. Installed in either straight rows or a staggered pattern, LudoShake creates a roof that's both visually stunning and built to endure.

LudoSlate Color Options

Ebony Mist Color

Ebony Mist

Mottled Green and Purple

Mottled Green Purple

Plumstone Tile Color

Plumstone Blend

Antiqued Slate Gray

Antiqued Slate Gray

Slate Gray Tile Color

Slate Gray

Slate Red Tile Color

Slate Red

Vermont Gray Black Tile Color

Vermont Gray Black

Antiqued Brunswick Tile Color

Antiqued Brunswick Black

Brunswick Black Tile Color


Antiqued Montpellar Green Tile Color


Montpelier Green Tile Color


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