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Give Us A Call Mon - Sun 7am - 10pm ​210 SW Market St, ​Lees Summit, MO 64063
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Residential Solar Power Systems

Manning Solar installs high-quality, affordable solar panels and energy systems to clients across the Kansas City and Charleston areas.

Charleston Solar Power and Solar Panels

We design and install Solar Power systems for Residential and Commercial properties in South Carolina. Power outages can be devastating and we can prevent that with Battery Systems built for your needs!

We install the best Solar Panels on the market and design Solar Power Systems to suit your needs. Together, we will customize every detail to make sure you have a great return on investment. We also offer financing as low as 1.49%. 

  • Start saving from Day 1
  • 1.49% Interest Rates
  • 26% Federal Tax Credit
  • 25% South Carolina Tax Credit
  • Add a Tesla PowerWall
  • or LG Chem Battery
  • We can also install a New Roof for you!

So, take everything you know about Solar and throw it out the window. Let us visit with you and see if a new Solar Power System makes sense for you and your property. In the end, this is an investment. A well designed Solar Array is a true investment into your home, both adding to the value of your property and providing returns over time as the energy savings add up. 

Reduce Your Energy Bills

Lower monthly utility bills are an obvious incentive for choosing solar energy for your home. Solar panels can generate enough electricity to power your home. On particularly sunny days this can be stored in home batteries for later use. Even on cloudy days, a solar energy system will continue to generate power at a reduced output level.

Clean and Sustainable Energy

Switching to solar energy is one of the best ways to help the planet. By reducing your reliance on carbon-emmitting fossil fuels, you can help to limit greenhouse gas emissions. This helps to reduce both pollution that is harmful to human health and global CO2 levels that contribute to climate change.

Truly Experienced Solar Installers

At Manning Solar, our crews have deep experience installing solar energy systems and are passionate about what we do. We have a broad range of experience working with different solar energy and installation methods.

Add Value to Your Home

Not only does solar energy reduce your energy bills and benefit the environment, it also adds equity to your home! Solar acts as a great selling point for your home, and with rising solar adoption across the US, it can help to differentiate your property in a competitive housing market.

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Manning Solar is your solar energy expert, with a proven track record of delivering efficient energy systems.

We’re fully licensed and insured, and certified with major solar energy suppliers. Our team can design and install a solar panel system that saves you money and looks great too.

We Can Scope, Install and Maintain Your Solar Energy System

Manning Solar can provide a free on-site solar suitability inspection and cost estimate. Our goal is to make our clients happy by installing the highest-quality, energy-efficient solar panels in the Kansas City and Charleston areas. 

We help our customers make important solar decisions, taking into account factors such as total cost, longevity, durability, maintenance, ease of installation, and return on investment.

Want to know more about Solar?


The AC power is run to the electrical panel (breaker box) where it can be distributed throughout your home.


The solar panel’s job is to take excess electron energy and turn it into electric power. Silver acts as the conductor to pass electricity on to an inverter.


The inverter acts as the brain of your solar system. It converts Direct Current (DC) electricity into Alternating Current (AC) power. Each solar cell generates roughly 1.0 Volt of electricity.

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This is where the utility bill savings happen. Solar panels usually produce more power than your home will actually use. Your utility company will offset your next bill for any excess power your system accumulates.

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