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10 Signs Your Home Desperately Needs Roof Repair

Every roof will eventually require repairs. Knowing when that time has come may be difficult for some people to determine. This makes you wonder… “Is my roof in need of repair?”

Consider these 10 signs that can help you decide if it’s time to get some professional help for your roof:

1. Your Roof’s Shingles Are Cracking or Curling

Your shingles are pretty good at letting you know if they’re coming to the end of their life. Some of the early signs of disrepair are cracks forming or shingles that are beginning to curl on the sides.

If you’re actually losing shingles off of your roof, that’s a clear indication that a roof repair is needed right away. 

2. Your Shingles Seem to Be Holding Moisture

Sometimes older roof shingles lose their ability to shed water and instead, begin trapping the moisture. If you notice that your shingles are usually dark, dirty, or often wet, they’re likely having trouble keeping moisture at bay.

This is a clear indication that your roof is in need of repair. If your shingles have become severely damaged over time, you might be in need of a full roof replacement. 

3. You Notice Granule Loss on the Roof or Excessive Granules in Your Downspouts

Shingles have four major components: Fiberglass Mat (for strength), Asphalt (for water shedding), Limestone Filler (for flexibility), and Granules (for UV Protection).

If your property has weathered a hail storm, your shingles may have excessive granule loss. You see, when a hailstone impacts the shingle, it dislodges granules. Now that the Asphalt is exposed to UV Rays, the water-shedding layer will deteriorate at a faster rate. At this time, the Shingle Manufacturer will no longer warranty the shingles on your roof!

If you notice what looks like black spots on your roof surface or granules gathering around your downspouts, it may be that your shingles are deteriorating because of storm damage and you should have your roof looked at immediately. 

4. Your Chimney is the Problem

Chimneys must be correctly flashed to prevent water intrusion into a property. Depending on the size of the Chimney, one may need to install a cricket to divert the water. At the same time, the flashings need to be installed correctly and sealed in.

If you notice signs of wood rot around the base of your chimney, trim boards, siding, or paint peeling, you are in need of repairs. The flashings are installed under shingles and behind the siding. Most of the time contractors will skip on replacing these items and they are definitely leak points!

5. Leaking in the Attic

When did you last inspect your ceilings for water stains? Well, it’s time to do your seasonal inspection. One should walk the rooms of their property and inspect for stains on the ceiling. Doing this twice a year is highly recommended! 

There could be multiple causes to every leak, but the most common ones are damaged flashing, worn pipe boots, critters trying to make your home theirs, condensation, ice dams, and storm damage. If your property has experienced high winds, the mastic strip(a shingles seal) may be compromised and with the right conditions, wind-driven rain will enter under the shingles and leak into the attic space.

As soon as you spot a leak of any kind, the best thing to do is contact a professional roofing service right away to assess the problem. Small leaks can usually be repaired without too much trouble, but if you let the problem go on too long, it will get worse and cost more to fix. Moisture entering the home will eventually lead to water stains or mold, but having your roof repaired will solve the problem. 

6. Your Roof’s Deck is Sagging

Have you noticed your rafters beginning to sag downward instead of holding straight? This change could be due to an increase in moisture.

Roof shingles that have been damaged or are too old to function let in moisture that can damage the structure of your roof. Any sagging of your roof deck or rafters is a sign that a repair is in order.

7. Your Energy Bills Have Spiked

Have you experienced a seemingly sudden spike in your heating or air conditioning costs? It may be that warm or cool air is escaping through the attic space. This could be caused by a storm opening or animal entry. Squirrels and Raccoons are normally the culprits and if they gain access to your attic space, they could mess with your roof’s ventilation system. 

If you seek roof repair right away and get these issues addressed, your energy bills should return to normal. 

8. Light, or No Light Seen in Your Attic

When popping your head into your attic, do you see daylight? One might think that’s weird as your roof should make the area dark, however, your roof has to breathe! 

Generally, cool air will enter your property through the soffits (low point) and the hot air will exhaust along your ridges (high point). The exception would be older homes with gable vents. 

So, while you are peaking up there, look to see if you have daylight at eye level around your perimeter, and daylight coming from the highest points near the ridges. If you do, your attic should be breathing correctly. Now, if it is pitch dark…you have a problem. Your attic is acting like an oven and cooking your shingles from the inside. Get a licensed roofer out to your property immediately and have them conduct an attic inspection. 

9. Your Gutters Are Clogged

If your gutters are clogged with small pieces of shingles, sludge, or shingle granules, this could be a sign of a deteriorating roof. Asphalt roofs tend to break down as they age, and when it rains, the resulting debris gathers in the gutters. 

Check your downspouts and see if you have granule piles. If so, get a professional roofer out to your property to conduct a roof inspection.

10. Shingles in your yard and flowerbeds 

We have a winner! Most properties in the midwest see excessive hot and cold temperatures and extremely high winds. If shingles are improperly installed and not given enough time to seal, airborne debris could clog the seal. 

We also see improperly driven nails that could be the culprit. Over time, the shingle will begin to flap in the wind, crease, and break off. If you are walking your property and find roofing products in your yard – you definitely know it’s time for a repair! 

Walk your property’s perimeter and take a look at your roof. Do you notice any areas with black rectangles? How about areas that are no longer uniform? Schedule your free checkup with our roof inspectors and we will conduct a comprehensive storm damage inspection. 

It’s Time to Contact the Roof Repair Professionals!

If any of the above signs of a roof in need of repair apply to your home, we encourage you to contact us today for your 80 point inspection. Roof repair can range in cost and complexity depending on the extent of the damage, but the sooner you act on suspected damage, the better off you’ll be!

Whether your roof has been damaged due to age or the elements, you want to turn to a professional team with experience and a commitment to good service.

We have served thousands of homeowners in the Kansas City area and we’re here to do the same for you! Give us a call and set up an appointment for a quote and we’ll get you taken care of!

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